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Fitness, in simple words, can be defined as the ability to perform daily tasks optimally, strong immunity, and reduced or no stress. FitPlus Fitness Studio has been working constantly for your fitness and better health since 14th July 2012. We believe everyone should maintain their fitness for a better and healthier lifestyle in order to safeguard them from the increasing pollution, and innumerous diseases and new outbreaks. Therefore, we provide several fitness programs for your fitness needs, for all age groups, with a touch of personalization.

Our customized one-on-one training plans and dedicated and supportive trainers are our strength as they are confidence boosters and results-obtaining. With us, children have multiple options to choose between Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Trampoline, Cardio and many other fun and fitness activities. Similarly, adults can have the best workout sessions here along with Zumba, Aerobics and more to burn extra calories and reduce stress. We also ensure the special care for our senior citizens with light workouts and training as per their suitability. Our list doesn’t end here, we have much more effective and exciting activities for you!


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Our vision is to inspire and guide our members to live a life full of joy and energy, through fitness and nutrition.

People with busy schedules, sometimes miss out on keeping track of their health. And the icing on the cake is we have unhealthy water, unhealthy air, unhealthy food, and unhealthy lifestyles as well.

The necessity to take a step towards health and fitness is crystal clear!

So, we decided to make a contribution towards the health and well-being of our members through our personalized fitness services.


Our Mission is to help our members achieve their fitness and strength goals, maintain it for the rest of life and propagate to the community.

FitPlus Fitness studio offers a variety of workouts, aerobics, zumba classes, yoga classes, and much more for all age-groups. Therefore, now who you are and how old you are is not an obstacle to your fitness goal.

We understand that each person is unique and so are their requirements. We provide one-to-one dedicated plans and training to provide best results to all.


FitPlus is the kingdom of fitness. The place is for all, from children to oldie’. We have professional and proficient trainers and proper and updated equipment. And the best part is, we serve what your fitness needs. So, this is not just a gym. This is much more beyond that.

Unlike regular fitness centers, we offer Ayurveda therapies along with different Workouts, Aerobics, Zumba & Yoga for you. The icing on the cake is one-to-one dedicated training. Here the fitness is for all, whether you are a kid or an oldie. The environment at our studio is comforting and motivating. We ensure your comfort, so that you can enjoy your fitness journey with no worries.

It is simple. Just call us at  9212305496/7065801235 or email us at fitplus1411@gmail.com.

Or if you are near us, then you can visit us at our studio, and get yourself registered. 2nd Floor Anika Market, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad

For Kids, we offer Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, Trampoline Workout, Skipping Workout, Cross Fit Pull Ups, Flexibility Workout, Cardio Games and Nutritious Diet Plan to save them from Depression , Anxeity, Stress, Hyperactivity & fat.

Yes, we provide a free trial classes for 3 (three) days.

We offer Yoga, Tai Chi Exercise, Standing Pilates, Diet Nutrition Plans for seniors. We also focus on exercises and massages that can help people getting rid of their back pain, cervical pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain etc.

We offer many options. You can choose between zumba, workouts like sledgehammer, stepper, kettlebell etc., enjoy trampoline, amazing ayurveda therapies, power yoga, exfoliating and energizing steam bath, proper diet plans and what not!

Call 123456789 or email us at fitplus1411@gmail.com