The blessing of India to the world from the Vedic period is AYURVEDA. Now-a-days it is being accepted and appreciated across the world. The best thing about ayurveda is, it always blesses with side benefits, not curses with side effects. If you are looking to add a plus to your fitness through Ayurveda in Raj Nagar Extension, then visit us to explore the map to fitness through ayurveda. So that you can avoid medicines from the lab when you can have medicine from nature.


Cellulite Massage Therapy

This therapy helps in draining excess fluids of the body, improves blood circulation and gives plumping skin.

Tens Weight Loss Sessions

The combination of pain reduction and recovery is there in tens weight loss sessions. 


Weight Loss Body Wrap

Weight loss body wraps with herbal benefits, offer softer and smoother skin along with fitness.

Weight Loss Vibro Massage

Weight loss vibro massage recharges fitness with the top-up of strength and balance and reduces back pain.

Tummy Tucks

Tuck better posture and lose weight tummy tucks. The effective and helpful one for ladies who gave birth to babies.

Steam Bath

Get rid of joint stiffness and get relaxed after workout with a relaxing and soothing steam bath.